Map and Data Sales

The public may purchase GIS maps and data from the County in accordance with our GIS Ordinance and Fee Schedule.

Letter sized (8.5x11 inches) maps may be purchased at the Public Service Building, the Auditor's Office, and the Assessors' Offices. For larger format (11x17 to 36x48 inches) maps please contact the Auditor's Office (located in the County Administration Building) or the Public Services Building.

To purchase GIS data please contact the County GIS Coordinator. Please note that all data sales are subject to a Usage Agreement.

Available Data Layers

  • County Highways
  • State and US Roads
  • Toll Road
  • Vacated Road ROW
  • Vacated Road centerline
  • Edge of Pavement
  • Political Townships
  • Incorporated Areas
  • Land Contract
  • Leased Improvement
  • cadastral Annotation
  • Combination Line
  • Railroad ROW
  • Water
  • Classified Wildland
  • Subdivision Polygons
  • Parcels
  • Section Polygons
  • Quarter Sections
  • New Paris Conservancy District
  • Elevation Contourss
  • Structures
  • Sub-Watersheds
  • soil
  • Wetlands
  • Flood Hazard Areas
  • TIF Districts
  • 2002 Aerials
  • 2005 Aerials
  • 2009 Aerials
  • 2011 Aerials